The company has been created to respect and to preserve our environment and to satisfy the wishes of our costumers. We would like to improve day by day the quality of our services and hotels. To obtain this we try to increase the resources to improve the quality of life.


We are conscious of the importance and respect that we have to have for our environment and our workers. They are the most important thing to reach our goals. Our group is analyzed, normally, by internal inspections for health and safety, quality of the conditions and work installations, such as the security to abide to International Laws.

In addition to these internal inspection the authority make controls to guarantee the quality of our services.

We give importance to communicate with our workers, they can express their views and ideas because they are our “treasures”. In the end, all of these factors will be reflected in the service to our customers.

We are involved with the environment, so we are reducing the impact of our emissions during our operations and using recycled energies.

We abide by all the environmental laws and regulations. I all our products (hotels) we take in to account the importance of minimazing our waste and controlling emissions.


Our goal is reduce the energy use and the water so to be efficient in the use of our resources. All of this we make with strict standards that make happy our clients. For this we conscience and to give the opportunity to our workers to learn more in this way to achieve all of this goals. In the end we involve our workers and our costumers of our environmental political. We want to encourage everybody with this important labour.